Our goal at Argos Ordnance, Inc. (“Argos Ordnance”, “AOI”, “we” and “us”) is 100% complete customer satisfaction. We guarantee that firearms and other products leaving our facility are of the highest quality in components and workmanship and will last a lifetime with proper use, care, and maintenance.   

We warranty all parts and products manufactured by AOI or used in the manufacture of our final products against all defects, in materials and workmanship, which affect the satisfactory operation of the item being warrantied. This warranty IS FULLY TRANSFERRABLE to future owners of FIREARMS produced by AOI.   

The liability of AOI is limited to the repair and/or replacement of only those parts determined by our staff to be defective on the part of the factory. The decision to repair and/or replace a warranted product will be made by AOI, as necessary, to provide the customer with a properly operating product. We assume no liability for accidental or consequential damages. The following is specifically excluded from coverage under this warranty:   

  1. Normal wear and tear of all polymer and metal components, including protective finishes.  
  2. Damage or malfunction resulting from accident, negligence, misuse, or unauthorized repair or alteration of the product. 
  3. Damage or malfunction resulting from barrel obstructions. 
  4. Damage or malfunction resulting from the use of other than factory-produced, SAAMI specification, commercial new ammunition designed and intended for the product’s caliber and chambering. 
  5. Damage resulting from the use of any handloaded, reloaded, or factory-remanufactured ammunition. 
  6. Any FINISHED products that are NOT assembled at the factory or that are assembled using imported or used parts. This includes barrels, lower receivers, upper receivers, and/or completion kits comprised of parts to be assembled by the end user into a functional firearm. (All Federal and State laws apply) 
  7. Any damage of AOI parts or components during assembly by an individual, organization, company, or entity other than AOI.


The changing, replacement, or modification of any major component part of any AOI firearm by any party, other than AOI, will void all warranties expressed or implied. We test and perform multiple quality control inspections on all firearms prior to shipment from our facility, but we have no control over end-user modifications, repairs, or customization and therefore are not obligated to warranty these situations.